Ultimate Guide to Rehabilitation Centre in India

Thinking of going to a rehabilitation centre in India? This guide from Samarpan will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about where you or your loved one should go for addiction treatment.

If you would like any more information on addiction treatment in India, please do not hesitate to contact Samarpan Recovery. We would love to hear from you.

History of Rehabilitation in India

While it is not easy to trace a specific date or location of the first rehabilitation centre in India, we know that rehab centres became more common in India in the 1990s. The first centres to open were government institutions, where patients would sleep in dorm rooms and face treatments with little therapeutic value.

In the past ten years, things have started changing a little in regards to substance rehabilitation in India. Private centres have begun opening up that use evidence-based treatment methodologies and detox medication, and are targeted to the luxury end of the market.

These centres are a cut above the places that came before them and are emulated on the types of rehab centers that are usually found in the United States and Europe.

But while these centres aim to be as comfortable and effective at treating addiction as their Western counterparts, they often fall short of the mark. Typical problems include poorly managed programs, inexperienced staff and facilities that leave something to be desired.

Perhaps even more worryingly, it is common for these centres to offer clients detox medication without having the proper licenses. Not only is this illegal, but it can also be dangerous, as medical staff may not have the appropriate training to administer these medications.

Travelling Abroad for Addiction Treatment

So, is the answer to head abroad for addiction treatment? While this can be a good option for some, it is not without its drawbacks. The level of care may be better than receiving treatment at most centres in India, but rates are many times those of a rehabilitation centre in India, even without taking into account the cost of travel.

There are also other realities to consider when thinking about international travel for addiction treatment. When someone has a problem with alcohol, remaining sober enough for a plane journey can be difficult. And the nature of the journey is likely to make some alcoholics nervous, which can lead to even greater alcohol consumption than usual.

This same concern applies for drug addicts, but there is also the additional risk posed by travelling across borders with illegal narcotics. Many people with drug addiction refuse to travel without taking drugs with them to avoid withdrawal, which means they risk criminal charges if they are caught.

Samarpan Recovery Rehabilitation Centre in India

So what is the solution? We believe that it can be found at Samarpan Recovery, a place we consider the best rehabilitation centre in India.


When we were planning Samarpan, we looked at the rehab centres that were available in India, and decided to do things differently. Where other centres cut corners and broke rules, we wanted to make sure everything about our centre was top-tier.

This approach started on day one when we drew up plans for the Samarpan buildings. We wanted to create an environment that was relaxing, inspiring, and profoundly conducive to healing. We feel we have achieved this goal.

International Team

We decided to create an international organization, with a mixture of addiction professionals from around the world making up our team. Every member of our therapeutic staff has many years of experience treating addiction, combined with qualifications from prestigious universities worldwide.

And while each member of Samarpan brings their own unique experiences and perspectives to our centre, there is one thing they all possess: a desire to ensure clients at Samarpan have the best possible outcomes from their treatment.

Evidence-Based Treatment Program

A rehabilitation centre in India may have the best facilities with an excellent team, but it cannot effectively help people to recover from substance addiction without a solid program. At Samarpan, we use a combination of evidence-based treatments, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

Medical Detox

Withdrawal from all substances is very unpleasant, and the withdrawal from alcohol and some drugs can kill. Some medications can make substance withdrawal less challenging, and safe, but these medications must be administered by medical staff with the correct training.

Samarpan offers a range of detox medications to all our clients who need them.

Addiction’s Impact on Indian Society

While addiction is incredibly damaging to the individual, if we zoom out we can see that addiction also causes massive harm to Indian society as a whole. By attending a rehabilitation centre in India, people with substance abuse problems not only help themselves, they also help to heal the nation.

How Addiction Drains India's Resources

Substance addiction causes harm to the Indian economy to the sum of billions of dollars each year due to illness, theft, and the cost of the criminal justice system.

Addiction and Indian Families

There are few things as damaging to the family unit as drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction to all substances tears families apart, and even after the addicted person has stopped using drugs and alcohol, the wounds of the addiction still remain. This is why Samarpan Recovery de-addiction centre in India offers counseling to all families of our clients.

These sessions can bring the family back together, healing old wounds. We also offer addiction education to client’s families, so they can have a better understanding of what addiction is and how it can be solved.

Addiction’s Grip on India’s Future

The youth are the future of a country. It is sadly more common to see young people who are addicted to substances in their teenage years, and sometimes even earlier.

What are the most commonly used substances in India?

At Samarpan, we treat people with addictions to every psychoactive substance imaginable. But there are some substance addictions that we see more often than others.


The most commonly used narcotic substance in India is alcohol. Around the country, hundreds of millions of people drink every week. And while some Indian people can drink without it becoming a problem for them, there is a section of the population who cannot drink alcohol without risking ruining their lives.


Cannabis is the next most common substance abused in India. Most cannabis users smoke it, though some drink cannabis as part of the drink bhang. It is unfortunate that many cannabis users in India believe their use of this drug to be harmless. This simply isn’t the case, and users risk damage to lungs, and mental health problems ranging from depression to schizophrenia.

And, of course, it is also possible to become addicted to cannabis. Ceasing use after cannabis dependence can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Opium and Heroin

The prevalence of opioid use from drugs like opium and heroin in India is three times the global average. Go into any de-addiction centre in India and you will see people who are struggling with addiction to these drugs. Getting off opioids can be incredibly challenging due to the severe withdrawal and cravings that users experience.

While opioid withdrawal is rarely fatal, coming off these drugs without medical detox can be too much for some users to bear, meaning they get trapped in a cycle of addiction they feel unable to get out of.


This stimulant is thought of as a “high-class” drug by some people within India. The truth is that this drug can bring people to their knees. And the high cost can cripple a person financially.

Synthetic Drugs

It is becoming more common to see users of drugs like ecstasy and mephedrone when you go to a rehabilitation centre in India. While drugs like these are usually thought of as “party drugs”, they can be just as damaging as any of the other drugs in this list.

Stigma and Shame: Barriers to Rehabilitation in India

In India, there are barriers to rehabilitation that do not exist in many other countries. In recent years, countries around the world have seen the stigma of addiction decrease. Much of this change can be attributed to the hard work of campaigners.

While in India there is now a better understanding of addiction than previously, people with addiction problems are still often demonized. At Samarpan, we believe the key to reducing the shame put on people with addiction is education.

When Indians realize that addiction is not a choice, and that most people with drug and alcohol problems cannot stop using substances without getting professional help, there will be greater compassion for addiction sufferers.

This will help many people with addiction to get clean and sober. The shame of their substance abuse and what they do while under the influence can contribute to feelings that keep people trapped in a cycle of addiction, as they feel unable to deal with the emotions that their addiction had caused.

Uncovering and treating these feelings is an integral part of the work that we do at Samarpan Rehabilitation Centre in India.

Are Addiction Rates Getting Worse in India?

The numbers of people who need rehabilitation in India are undoubtedly increasing. Seizures of drugs like heroin have been rising rapidly in the past 20 years, and the numbers show no sign of slowing down.

While Northern states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have the unfortunate distinction of leading addiction numbers in India, there are no states that have been spared addiction’s grip. People with substance abuse problems are found all over the country.

The easy access to drugs is contributing towards this trend. A dearth of addiction education also plays a role, as many youths in India are still unaware of the dangers of using substances.

The low quality of mental health treatment found across India also contributes. People with mental health problems begin self-medicating for their mental health problems with substances, fast becoming dependent.

And once they are hooked, the difficulty in accessing quality addiction treatment means these people remain addicted to these substances indefinitely.

At Samarpan Rehabilitation Centre in India, we are proud that we can play a small part in solving the addiction problem in this country. We believe that our treatment methodologies are particularly effective, and hope that the example we give is replicated in addiction treatment centres across India.

Where is the Best Rehabilitation Centre in India?

Samarpan Recovery - the best rehabilitation centre in India - is located in Mulshi Hills, just outside Pune. The surrounding area is one of serenity and peace, and is an ideal location to recover from drugs and alcohol.

We are located just an hour away from Pune International Airport, providing easy access to all residents of India.

We also have an outpatient facility in Churchgate, Mumbai, that our clients can attend once they have graduated from our centre. Alumni may also continue receiving treatment at our Pune centre, or alternatively via video calls.

Getting Help for Your Addiction Problems

If you like the sound of what we do at Samarpan and are ready to get help, now is the time to do it. Addiction is a progressive illness, and it does not get any better without treatment. Please contact us today to find out more about our program and to arrange a visit.

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