A Fresh Start: The Best Rehabilitation Centre In Mumbai

In recent years, there have been droves of rehabs opening up in Mumbai and the surrounding area. But can you trust these places to look after you or your loved one’s recovery?

Often, the answer is no. Many of these centres are poorly run, and offer low long-term treatment outcomes. At Samarpan rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, things are different.

Reclaim Your Life With Samarpan Recovery

Our residential 28-day program will help you tackle your substance addiction head-on. We offer medical detoxification to make your detox as comfortable as possible. We can then help you identify and explore why you use substances.

Our de-addiction centre in Mumbai gives you all the tools you need to deal with your addiction, meaning you can have a long and fulfilling life, free from the grip of substance addiction.

Our team at Samarpan are second to none, and will compassionately guide you to recovery every step of the way.

Why Choose Samarpan Recovery?

With so many addiction treatment centres popping up around Mumbai, it can be difficult to choose. Here’s why we believe Samarpan Recovery is the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.


Samarpan Recovery is located just 150km outside of Mumbai. This is so important, as people in the throes of addiction may struggle to get on a plane or travel long distances. Being so close to Mumbai also means clients are less likely to get cold feet before arriving.


Comfort is an important part of the rehab experience, so all accommodation at Samarpan is first-rate. Clients have their own bedroom and bathroom, and all bedrooms have a double bed. Rooms are cleaned twice a week, and there are separate accommodations for men and women.

Evidence-based Treatment

At Samarpan we used a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, as we find these modalities are the best for treating addiction. We also incorporate the Gorski CENAPS relapse prevention model, which will help you or your loved one stay substance-free long after you leave our gates.


A rehabilitation centre in Mumbai may have the best program in the world, but it is nothing without excellent staff. Our staff at Samarpan comprise an international team that we believe are the best currently working in addiction in India. All our team have years of experience treating addiction, qualifications from top-tier institutions, and vitally, a passion to help those suffering from addiction.

How Much Does A Rehabilitation Centre In Mumbai Cost?

The cost of addiction treatment in Mumbai varies depending on the level of care. Some centres offer budget rates of several thousand rupees per week, but come with poor facilities and program.

Mid-tier rehabilitation centres in Mumbai can be found for a few thousand rupees per day. These centres typically provide a standard of care better than those of the entry-level centres. The accommodation is also likely to be somewhat better and evidence-based treatment may be used. However, long-term treatment outcomes remain low.

Luxury centres start at around 7 lakhs per month, and give a completely different experience to other centres. At this rate, you should expect internationally-qualified staff, top-tier program, serene environment and plenty of attention to detail.

How Does Samarpan Do Detox?

The pain of withdrawal can stop many people with addiction problems from getting clean. But withdrawal does not need to be an agonizing experience. We use these principles to make sure all our clients have a safe detox that is as comfortable as possible.

Medication Assisted Treatment

At Samarpan, we use medication during detox for two reasons: because it makes the experience less unpleasant, and because it keeps our clients safe. Medication can mean the difference between a week or more of suffering or a few days of mild symptoms.

Medical Professionals

Having someone to care for you when you’re in withdrawal makes the experience far less challenging. Our team at Samarpan will make sure all your needs are catered for. Remember: only qualified medical professionals can safely administer detox medicine.

How Do I Know If I Need Addiction Treatment?

There are a few tell-tale signs that you need care at a rehab facility. You may need addiction treatment if:

  • You frequently blackout. If you are using drugs or alcohol and often wake up not remembering what you did the night before, you may need treatment.
  • You have financial problems from using. If your substance abuse has caused you to lose work, mismanage your finances or spend excessively, this could indicate a need for treatment.
  • Your using has harmed relationships. If your drug and alcohol use has led to the breakdown of your marriage or long-term relationship, or you are no longer on good terms with friends due substance abuse, you may require treatment.
  • You cannot stop. Being unable to stop using drugs or alcohol is the number one sign that you require treatment.

If you are still unsure of whether you need treatment, please feel free to give us a call at Samarpan Recovery rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. We can give you a free consultation that will help you to decide whether you need to come to rehab.

How Long Is Treatment At Samarpan?

Residential treatment at treatment is four weeks minimum though clients may stay for longer. How much time you should spend in treatment depends on a few factors, including how severe your addiction is and if you have any underlying mental health problems.

Research tells us that longer stays at a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai lead to better long-term treatment outcomes.

What Happens After Treatment?

Samarpan Recovery will provide you with a personalized plan to help you stay clean long after you have left our centre. We also offer all our clients nine individual and nine group sessions at our centre in Churchgate, Mumbai. If you cannot attend our Mumbai centre, it is also possible to have these sessions over video call.

We believe that this continued treatment is a crucial part of our program, as you get the support that you need when coming out of treatment.

Substance Abuse And Addiction In Mumbai

Substance abuse is on the rise in Mumbai. While in previous years, people with addiction problems in the Mumbai area tended to be middle-aged men with alcohol problems, the climate is now shifting.

We are now seeing far more young people with addiction problems. Alcohol continues to remain a problem, and we are also seeing increases in numbers of addicted people with dependency on cocaine and heroin.

There are also increasing issues with so-called “designer drugs” like MDMA, ketamine, and mephedrone. As these drugs become more available and widely used, some users have begun believing that their use comes without danger. This has led to increased addiction rates and subsequent need for addiction treatment.

There are organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous which are available to people with substance abuse disorder, but these are not able to help people with addiction problems with therapy or detoxification. These programs also do not have the facility to help people deal with underlying mental health problems that can cause addiction.

There have been a large number of rehabs springing up in Mumbai in recent years to cope with this increased demand, but many of these centres operate without basic medical facilities, trained counselors and qualified psychiatrists.

These centres cannot legally prescribe medications for withdrawal, which places any clients of these places in a potentially dangerous situation.

Why Go To Rehab In Mumbai?

With so many fine addiction treatment centres internationally, why would you consider going to rehab in Mumbai? Here are a few reasons.


Rates for a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai are far lower than those found in countries like the United States, even when the cost of flights is not taken into account.

Cultural Understanding

There are nuances of Indian culture that it may be difficult for therapists at international centres to understand. Coming to a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai like Samarpan Recovery will ensure there are therapists who you can connect with easily and who understand Indian society.

Family Access

While it is important to have space when you are in the early stages of treatment, once you are out of withdrawal you are likely to want to see your family. Samarpan Recovery offers all our clients sessions where family can come in. This is a great opportunity to begin rebuilding family connections that had been frayed when you were in active addiction.

Comparative Treatment

We believe that Samarpan Recovery provides just as good service as you would find at top tier centres in countries like the United States. There is no reason to go abroad for treatment if you can get addiction treatment just as good in India.

Traveling To Samarpan Recovery From Mumbai

Address: Samarpan Rehabilitation Center, 441 Song of Life Road, Mulshi, Maharashtra.

The best way to come to Samarpan from Mumbai is a 150km journey which takes about 3 hours. Alternatively, you can fly to Pune airport. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a driver for you.

Testimonial From A.B, Mumbai

“From initial contact to discharge, there is not a single area that I can say needs works or improvement. Everything has been 10/10 and my stay has been an extremely pleasant one. I will100% recommend Samarpan to anyone looking for a rehabilitation centre. This place has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I am so grateful to the team that worked so hard to make that possible.”

Take The First Step Today

If you are ready to come for treatment, we say: strike while the iron is hot. The desire for drug and alcohol treatment comes when someone is sick of their lifestyle, or has just faced serious consequences of using substances. But this desire can fade.

If you or a loved one needs rehab, do not delay. The road of addiction leads nowhere good.

If you would like to visit Samarpan or would like more information on our program, please contact us today.

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