The Recipe For Recovery

At Samarpan, mealtimes are a very important part of the treatment program. Staff and clients alike sit at the dining table together, modelling the family microcosm of supportive social groups and structures eating together.

Substance misuse can have many long-term effects on health and nutrition. Substances vary in their effects, but many of them disrupt physiological functioning and impair the body’s ability to receive proper nourishment. While psychological, pharmacological and complementary therapies constitute the key aspects of addiction treatment, having a healthy diet also has a major role to play in helping clients cope with their moods and emotions.

Our passionate culinary team of chefs present our clients with an exciting mix of nutritious Asian and Western cuisines at all mealtimes taking into account dietary, cultural, medical and religious needs. For clients who may require it, we also have access to a qualified dietician and nutritionist.

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