Heroine Drugs Treatment: India

Heroine Drugs Treatment: India

India has had a problem with heroin for many decades, but in recent years this problem has been spiraling out of control. Rates of Indian people who are addicted to heroin are higher than ever before.

And while the problem of heroin addiction is becoming more common within the country, there are now scores of treatment centers that can help you or your loved one stop using heroin. But not all these centers are equal

In this blog, we give you the information to find heroin drugs treatment in India that will give you the best opportunity to stop taking heroin.

Types Of Heroine Drugs Treatment In India

Many addiction treatment centers have opened in India in recent years. These centers range from government facilities which offer basic treatment options for people who cannot afford better options, to luxury treatment centers which provide clients with comfortable surroundings and the best evidence-based treatments available.

Clearly, one of these options is better than the other. If you are able to, you should not go near a government center. While these places are often well-meaning, the reality is that addiction treatment at these centers is often not in line with current science, and experiences are often difficult.

Government facilities also tend to be staffed with those who have suboptimal understandings of addiction treatment. That being said, some people with heroin problems have gotten clean at these centers, and gone on to thrive in their addiction recovery.

The other alternative for heroin drugs treatment in India is the private rehab center. These range from centers offering budget treatment for a few thousand rupees per week, to luxurious environments costing several lakhs per week.

While you might expect the more expensive centers to always be better here, this is not always the case. Some of the lower priced rehab centers offer a reasonable quality of treatment, while some of the most expensive centers fail their clients by providing substandard care.

How To Find The Best Heroine Treatment For You

When looking for heroin drugs treatment in India, you should take these factors into account. This will help you to find the right center for you.

The Price

When looking for heroine drugs treatment in India, the first thing to consider is the price. While the cost is not always indicative of the quality of treatment, it often is. Addiction treatment centers in India vary in price from a few thousand rupees per week to several lakhs per week.

Treatment Methods

Evidence-based treatment is the only way of reliably solving heroin addiction. While there are some other methods which can help as part of a holistic program of recovery, they cannot solve addiction without modalities which have been introduced to us through rigorous testing.

Quality Of Staff

The level of education, experience and compassion of staff varies massively from center to center. Some centers employ counselors with only basic qualifications, others only accept therapists who have a much higher level of education.

The amount of experience staff have with addiction is also crucial. While addiction is deeply intertwined with mental health problems, it is important that staff have experience specifically with addiction. The more experience the better.

Genuinely caring about people with addiction problems should be a quality that all treatment centers should have, but this is unfortunately not the case at all centers for heroin drugs treatment in India.

Why Is Heroin So Hard To Quit?

People witnessing their loved one’s heroin addiction often look on in exasperation. They see the person they care about destroying their life, yet they don’t do anything about their addiction.

There are good reasons why it is common for someone who is addicted to heroin to be unable to stop.

Highly Addictive Nature

Heroin is an opioid drug that rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier and is converted to morphine. Once in the brain, it binds to opioid receptors, leading to a surge of euphoria and a sense of relaxation. This intense and immediate reward contributes to the drug's high addictive potential, making it incredibly challenging for users to stop.

Physical Dependence

Prolonged heroin use leads to physical dependence, where the body becomes accustomed to the presence of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms, including intense cravings, nausea, muscle pain, and anxiety, occur when the drug is not taken. The fear of experiencing these withdrawal symptoms makes quitting more difficult.

At a high quality heroin drugs treatment India, clients are given medications that reduce these withdrawal symptoms, which can make it much easier to stop.

Psychological Dependence

Beyond the physical aspects, heroin addiction often involves a strong psychological component. Individuals may use the drug as a coping mechanism for stress, trauma, or emotional pain. Breaking the psychological dependence on heroin requires addressing underlying issues and developing alternative coping strategies.

Tolerance Development

With continued heroin use, users develop tolerance, requiring higher doses to achieve the desired effects. This escalation in dosage can lead to increased physical dependence and a more challenging withdrawal experience.

Craving And Triggers

Heroin users often experience intense cravings, triggered by environmental cues, stress, or exposure to drug-related stimuli. These cravings can be overwhelming and make it difficult for individuals to resist the urge to use heroin.

Stigma And Social Isolation

The stigma associated with drug addiction can lead to social isolation and feelings of shame. Individuals struggling with heroin addiction may fear judgment, making it challenging to seek help and maintain a support system during recovery.

Availability And Accessibility

The availability and accessibility of heroin in India contribute to the difficulty of quitting. When users are in environments where the drug is prevalent, avoiding relapse becomes a constant challenge.

Co-occurring Mental Health Issues

Many people using heroin may have co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. Addressing both substance use and underlying mental health concerns is essential for successful recovery.

Lack Of Access To Treatment

Limited access to evidence-based treatment, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and behavioral therapies, can hinder the recovery process. Treatment availability and resources vary across India impacting the ability of heroin users to access the support they need.

Rapid Onset And Intensity of Effects

Heroin is typically consumed through injection, smoking, or snorting, leading to rapid and intense effects. When injected, it quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier and is converted back into morphine. This rapid delivery results in an immediate and intense euphoria, creating a powerful reinforcement for repeated use.

Get Help To Quit Heroin At Samarpan Recovery

While there are many reasons why stopping using heroin is so challenging, it is possible for even people with the most severe addictions to stop.

At Samarpan, we give our clients the best opportunity possible to recover from heroin addiction, by giving them all of the tools they need to remain free from heroin long after they leave our center.

We also offer detox medications, meaning that withdrawal symptoms are significantly reduced, giving a much easier introduction to the recovery process for those coming off heroin.

If you would like more information on how we can help you stop using heroin, or would like to arrange a visit to our center in Pune.

Samarpan is a specialized international Substance Use Disorder (De-Addiction) and Process Addiction rehab in Pune, India that accepts a maximum of 26 clients. We only accept clients on a voluntary basis and have a highly structured program that encompasses the most effective approaches to Substance Use Disorder and addiction.

The facility is set in the rolling hills Mulshi, with clients having either individual or shared rooms, in a modern resort like facility, staffed by Internationally Accredited Professionals. Samarpan is fully licensed under The MSMHA and is also an accredited GORSKI-CENAPS Centre of Excellence offering a program from 5 to 13 weeks.

If you or someone you care about is considering treatment for substance use disorder or process addictions, we can help. Contact us now on admissions@samarpan.in or phone/WhatsApp us on +91 81809 19090.

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