Deaddiction Meaning - Understanding Deaddiction

Deaddiction Meaning - Understanding Deaddiction

If you live in India, you will probably have come across the word “deaddiction” while researching solutions to addiction. In this blog, we will be looking at the deaddiction meaning and will let you know exactly what the deaddiction process involves. We also tell you when you may need to attend a deaddiction centre.

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Deaddiction Meaning - What is Deaddiction?

The meaning of deaddiction is simple: it is the process where someone is restored back to wellness following a period of addiction. Most commonly, this involves restoration from substance addiction, though people also need deaddiction to recover from addictions like porn addiction, gambling addiction, and food addiction.

People with mild problems with addiction may be able to recover by themselves. A person may find that they have been drinking too much alcohol or smoking too much cannabis as they have become stressed out at work. They find healthier coping mechanisms (or perhaps their work becomes less stressful) and are successfully able to stop excessive use.

Those with more severe addiction problems are unable to do this. They need outside help so that they can be free of their addiction. People sometimes turn to support groups to help them do this. This is a great option, and many people recover with the help of groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

These groups are not without their flaws, though. The main criticisms usually leveled at them are that they cannot aid people to address their trauma and mental health issues, and there is no facility for professional detox.

These are fairly big problems. One of the foremost reasons that people become stuck in addiction is due to their trauma and mental health problems. Not addressing these means that the person with the addiction problem is prone to relapse.

And not being able to professionally detox people is perhaps an even bigger issue. Some substances, like alcohol and Xanax, can cause death during the withdrawal period. Even if someone is detoxing from a substance that does not come with a potentially fatal withdrawal, the pain of withdrawing can be enough to keep someone from attempting it.

The solution to both of these is going to a deaddiction centre. These are dedicated facilities where someone with an addiction problem can withdraw safely under professional care. Medical detoxes are provided, which involve giving the addicted person medications that make the withdrawal process safe and as comfortable as possible.

After the withdrawal process is over, clients at deaddiction centres are given counseling and group sessions to help them get to the root of their addiction. This includes trauma work and diagnosis and treatment for mental health problems, if necessary.

Do I Need A Deaddiction Centre?

Now you know the deaddiction meaning, let's take a look at whether you need to go to a deaddiction centre.

If you’re trying to figure out whether your addiction is “bad enough” to warrant going to a rehab centre, read this list. If you can relate to any of these items, you should consider attending a centre.

1. You Have an Addiction That Has Lasted a Long Time

If you have an addiction that has lasted multiple years, you are likely to find it very challenging to quit by yourself. The pattern of your addiction may be so ingrained that you will not be able to stop using substances without professional help, particularly if you have often been using large amounts of substances at this time.

2. You Are Addicted To Alcohol or Xanax

These substances can cause fatal seizures if you stop using them. If you are heavily addicted to either of these or any other benzodiazepine, you should not cease usage unless you have the guidance of a medical professional, preferably at a deaddiction centre.

3. You Have a Mental Health Disorder

Co-occurring mental health problems significantly complicate substance abuse treatment, as mental health issues both cause and are caused by substance abuse. To successfully address both problems, they need to be treated simultaneously. The best place to do this is at a deaddiction centre, where you will be able to get help from a mental health professional who is trained to treat both.

4. You Have Trauma

Trauma can also cause you to become trapped in addiction. Nightmares, flashbacks, and even emotional patterns created by trauma may all be a cause of using substances. People regularly use substances so they can block out any thoughts or emotions that relate to trauma.

5. You Cannot Stop By Yourself

If you have tried a number of ways to stop using substances and haven’t been able to, it is likely that you will need the help of a deaddiction centre to quit.

What Should I Look for in A Deaddiction Centre?

If you could relate to any of the points above, it may be time to start looking for a centre. But what are the most important factors involved when it comes to deaddiction centres?

Professional, Well-Trained Staff

A deaddiction centre is nothing without its staff. These are the people who will be caring for you when you’re in withdrawal, the people cooking your nutritious food, and the people helping you come to terms with your addiction. Any centre you go to should have first-rate staff.

Evidence-Based Program

A rehab can have the best staff in the world, but if it does not have a solid program, it will not be able to help its clients. Choose a de-addiction centre that uses modern methods at its core. The program should include some form of talk therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical therapy. There should also be group sessions that educate clients on the various aspects of addiction. Relapse prevention classes are also a must.

Excellent Facility

Next on your list of rehab centre concerns should be the facility. Not every centre is state of the art. At a minimum, the place you choose should be fairly modern, comfortable, and clean. You should also decide whether something like a swimming pool is also important to you.

Samarpan Recovery - A Centre with Deep Understanding of Deaddiction Meaning

Samarpan Recovery operates a modern evidence-based program, in a serene environment, at some of the best rehab facilities that India has to offer. We count among our international staff addiction specialists with decades of experience, so you know you are in safe hands when you come to Samarpan.

If you would like to know any more about deaddiction meaning or would like to know more about how we can help you, please contact us today.

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